Spreading awareness about the project and promoting its activities on the Caribbean market as well as any investment opportunities that emerge in relation to the project


This work package will focus mainly on promoting the project activities.

All communication actions elaborated for the project aille be helpful to the dissemination of outcomes, while contributing to the development of new skills and the pooling of best practices with regard to the issues covered. 

In particular, the marketing activities will help to create an environment that appeals to investors and should, therefore, trigger later initiatives.

The communication goals, arising directly from the project objectives, are as follows :

  • To share best practices observed in the Caribbean in terms of energy control in the fields of construction, sustainable mobility and renewable energies,
  • To strengthen regional cooperation (in the Caribbean) at political level,
  • To identify pilot projects emerging in the Caribbean, 
  • To promote renewable energies and energy efficiency, and create investment opportunities
  • To share outcomes with the public at large and with businesses,
  • To highlight the work of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy.