Geothermal Capacity Building for Policy Makers

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Geothermal Energy is a relatively complex undertaking for the OECS which requires effective decision-making particularly amongst policy makers. Geothermal energy development cuts across several disciplines and capacity building will be needed at all levels. Empowering persons in the field and supporting the deeper understanding of geothermal energy will allow better planning, design and implementation of geothermal activities for the benefit of the countries.

Persons trained in geothermal energy
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titre objet
Objet de l’intervention

To empower policy makers in the region to make effective and well -informed decision making to support geothermal energy development.

titre périmètre
Périmètre de l’analyse

This activity will support high level government and private sector with capacity building in selected areas of geothermal energy development. 

titre méthodologies
Méthodologies de l’intervention

The identification of key areas where capacity building for geothermal energy at the regional level can be delivered effectively to support enhanced decision making for geothermal energy. The training delivered should be flexible, easy to follow and low cost.

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