OECS Geothermal Development Mechanism

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>Geothermal Energy is a priority for the OECS countries. Eight islands in the region are actively pursuing geothermal development. Given the relatively complex nature of geothermal energy development and the limited technical and financial resources, sharing and collaboration for geothermal could bring significant value to the geothermal efforts at the national level. A formal structure for sharing on geothermal energy would be an asset for the OECS.  A regional support system and coordinating framework could serve as a vehicle to overcome existing shared challenges and barriers for development of geothermal resources in the region.

Joint activities on geothermal energy
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titre objet
Objet de l’intervention

To support a functional collaboration and sharing structure for advancing geothermal energy development in the OECS.

titre périmètre
Périmètre de l’analyse

This activity will support efforts to provide a platform for regional cooperation and collaboration on geothermal energy in all the OECS. This involves regional dialogue, mutual exchange and support amongst actors in the region for geothermal energy at various levels.

titre méthodologies
Méthodologies de l’intervention

Dialogue and exchange on geothermal energy in the OECS Member States amongst policy-makers and technocrats that:

  • Support Geothermal Energy Policy development and Regulations harmonization 
  • Facilitate Regional networking and technical assistance to accelerate geothermal development
  • Support resource mobilization including private sector participation
  • Facilitate capacity building at the national level for geothermal energy
  • Support public education and outreach for geothermal energy
  • Identify the market potential and opportunities to fully utilize geothermal resources
  • Facilitate sharing of resources for geothermal energy

Studies on geothermal energy for the region.

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