Operational implementation of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy (CECG)

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The Caribbean region has favourable conditions to the development of geothermal electricity production, and Guadeloupe is currently the only island in the region that partially exploits this potential. A number of studies on geothermal energy have been conducted over the past fifteen years under a succession of Caribbean INTERREG programmes, most of which have been funded by Europe. These studies concluded that geothermal energy could become a significant proportion of the Caribbean region’s electricity mix (up to 30%) and that the creation of a Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy (CECG) would speed up and facilitate the fulfilment of future geothermal projects in the area. In preparation for its creation, this study aims to draw up an operational roadmap and a business plan for the future Centre on the basis of needs expressed by the interested stakeholders. 

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titre objet
Purpose of the study
Objet de l’intervention

The study deals with the following key items:

  • Description of the expectations of the sector’s players (industrial, institutional, academic, etc.) in relation to the hub’s envisaged functions (R&D, training, technology enhancement/transfer, information/communication, international trade);
  • Proposal for possible positioning of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence in a global context;
  • Definition of procedures for the Caribbean Centre’s implementation, to ensure its durability.

In order to define conditions for the operational implementation of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence, the study relies on a comparative/competitive analysis of existing Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy as well as an evaluation of needs and demand. The analysis will allow the assessment of potential strategic positions that will boost the Centre’s visibility and influence (opportunity to capitalise on expertise already present in the Caribbean).

The roadmap will define the conditions of the project’s implementation (funding, services offered, governance and functioning). The delivery of clear, backed-up recommendations will make it easier to hand over to the Caribbean Centre’s future staff and help operations get underway more quickly.

titre périmètre
Scope of the study
Périmètre de l’analyse

The study will pay particular attention to the Caribbean sector. Nevertheless, given the structure of the geothermal energy market, the analysis will also include a regional and international component. Hence, the analysis will be done at 3 levels: Guadeloupe/Caribbean, Central/Latin America, and Whole World.

titre méthodologies
Méthodologies de l’intervention

The study is planned in 2 phases:

Phase 1. Diagnosis and proposal of strategic positioning scenarios for the Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy (CECG):

  • Interviews to be carried out with around fifty of the future Caribbean Centre’s (potential) users and funders,
  • Benchmark reports on the world’s existing Caribbean Centre of Excellence.

Phase 2. Drawing up of a short-term action plan and roadmap:

  • Additional interviews, benchmarks and workshops,
  • Deliverables will provide details of milestones in the hub’s implementation (proposals, organisation/governance, location, formation of a team, required investments, timetable) and financial forecasts (income sources, costs, required investments, funding plan),
  • The appointed firms will provide support for the launch of the project by facilitating its handover to the hub’s future staff.
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