Pilot of Energy Resilience for Critical Infrastructure through Installation of Solar Systems

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The OECS region is vulnerable to a number of natural hazards including hurricanes. This can affect the electricity transmission and distribution system impacting the quality of life. Building resilience in the energy sector by reducing vulnerability of infrastructure and supply source provides a reliable source of energy for all sectors. The use of renewables, such as solar systems with energy storage capacity could minimize power outages and energy supply disruptions during and after periods of disaster. This is particularly important in building which provide critical services such as health care facilities, policing and other services vital to the operations and well -being of the larger community. The use of solar photovoltaic systems can also be part of a larger energy management plan for such building helping to reduce costs and promote energy efficiency.


This activity will support the energy management and energy resilience of buildings to demonstrate the importance of sustainable energy efforts in such buildings. Critical infrastructure buildings are of national value and often require significant energy as well as a reliable energy supply. This activity will involve the design, procurement and installation of pilot solar energy projects to demonstrate the benefits of such systems. Through this activity the project will support the mainstreaming of the use of solar energy and storage and show how incorporation into existing buildings can help manage energy bills, provide a reliable

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titre objet
Objet de l’intervention

To demonstrate how renewable energy can support energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and energy resilience in buildings.

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Périmètre de l’analyse

The installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems with storage in at least 3 OECS member States to provide best practices and recommendations for the entire OECS region.

titre méthodologies
Méthodologies de l’intervention

Identification of appropriate building.

Tendering process for procurement and installation of PV systems.

This will be accompanied by knowledgement management and public awareness activities.

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