The development of renewable energies, particularly geothermal energy, is crucial for the economy of the Eastern Caribbean. Despite its benefits, its exploitation presents challenges, requiring new exploration approaches. Regional collaboration and technical support are essential to overcome these hurdles and facilitate technology transfers.

Methodology Guide for the Socio-Environmental Integration of Geothermal Electricity Production Projects in Island Environments

The Lesser Antilles harbor potential geothermal resources, but their exploitation for electricity production can have environmental and social impacts. ADEME has produced a methodological guide aimed at integrating these aspects into island geothermal projects, involving all stakeholders.


Multi-scale deep geothermal exploration in island volcanic environments.

This report presents the results obtained within the framework of the INTERREG project “Energy Transition in the Caribbean (TEC)”, concerning the potential of geophysical imaging methods for exploring geothermal resources in the specific island volcanic context typical of the Antillean arc.

Technical and economic analysis of cold production by geothermal sorption machine in tropical island context.

This report aims to leverage geothermal energy’s contribution to thermal energy decarbonization (heating, cooling, hot water) in buildings. It highlights the limited suitability of geothermal heat pumps due to the near-surface temperatures in the Antilles. Instead, it explores the potential of geothermal resources at temperatures around 80 to 110°C for cold production using sorption machines.


Geochemical characteristics of the main high-temperature geothermal fluids presently known in the caribbean isla

The primary aims of this report are twofold: to present the key geochemical traits of deep fluids from geothermal wells and thermal springs across Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, Montserrat, and Saint Lucia, and to assess the application of new chemical thermometric relationships like Na-Li, Na-Rb, Na-Cs, K-Sr, K-Fe, K-Mn, K-F, and K-W on these fluids, potentially aiding future geothermal exploration endeavors in these regions.

Geophysical survey in Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines

This report details the geophysical survey conducted in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to implement these novel imaging techniques. Additionally, it provides the findings of preliminary processing and interpretations derived within the scope of the ETC project.

Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy

Guadeloupe, with its Bouillante geothermal power plant, has led geothermal resource utilization in the Caribbean. Recognizing the potential in neighboring islands, the – Regional Council of Guadeloupe initiated the Caribbean Centre ofExcellence on Geothermal Energy (CECG) to share knowledge and support geothermal development.   Based in Guadeloupe, the activities of the Centre of Excellence aim to extend throughout the Caribbean, serving the interests and needs of Caribbean states.