Handbook – Building Energy Efficiency Regulation for the Benefit of Caribbean Countries : Guadeloupe Case Study

Energy efficiency represents a significant challenge for Caribbean territories due to their unique tropical and island context. Governments have the power to encourage and regulate both new constructions and existing buildings. In this groundbreaking handbook, Guadeloupe shares a decade of experience in implementing thermal regulations for buildings. Discover the lessons learned, the challenges faced, and how policymakers and industry professionals can adapt this knowledge to their own context.

This handbook provides a vision for the ideal high energy-efficient buildings of tomorrow and offers a comprehensive framework including texts, methods, and verification tools to achieve an initial overall performance. It is an invaluable resource packed with information, including detailed technical fact sheets. You will find insights into how performance diagnostics on existing buildings can generate measurable results.

Guadeloupe emphasizes ongoing collaboration with professionals to ensure continuous improvement of regulations. This approach guarantees that regulations evolve based on real-world conditions, leaving a lasting impact on the building sector and the expertise of Guadeloupe’s professionals.

Guadeloupe’s decade of experience in implementing thermal regulations for buildings serves as an inspiring example for the Caribbean. This guide provides policymakers and industry professionals with valuable access to practical knowledge. By embracing the principles of energy efficiency, we can build a sustainable future for the Caribbean region.


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