Launch of workshops for the operational implementation of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy

Under the « Regional Development of Geothermal Energy » component of the INTERREG ETC, ADEME et its partners are drawing up a a roadmap for the operational implementation of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence in Geothermal Energy. élaborent une feuille de route sur la operational implementation of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence on Geothermal Energy (CECG).

Following the steering committee of march 9th and as a continuation of the work (benchmarks, interviews, needs analysis) de of the CECG, une series of workshops took place during the week of May 9th to 13th 2022. Conducted in a hybrid format, face-to face and remote, these workshops enabled the co-construction of a common vision of the CECG, the priorisation of the Centre’s actions and missions, as well as the consideration of its future governance body.

Alongside the partners of the INTERREG ETC project (Regional Council of Guadeloupe, ADEME, BRGM, OECS), the following were present: training organisations and research laboratories, industrial players, and institutional representatives from Guadeloupe, the Caribbean and France.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Un detailed financing plan will be delivered at the same time as the final synthesis corresponding to the  operational roadmap of the CECG. These final deliverables are expected by the end of June 2022. They will be used as a technical basis and source of proposals to be submitted to the vote of the next meeting of the steering committee of the CECG, scheduled for the last quarter of 2022.

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